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Customizable Pokemon Card by arapax Customizable Pokemon Card by arapax
A while back I edited Pokemon cards for my friends. It was a pain in my arse, let me tell you. But the awesome was worth it. Earlier, I saw someone else had made a template for such a thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with their template; I just wanted to have my own. I think mine is sufficiently different :)

Here is the dealio: I tried to make this as user friendly as possible, so that even those of us with limited Photoshop skills could enjoy making our own Pokemon cards. Basic knowledge of Photoshop tools is necessary, but most of this is just editing text boxes and selecting which images to keep within the file.

ALL OF THIS IS IN ONE .PSD FILE. All as in a background for EVERY Pokemon type, an image for EVERY Pokemon type, a text box/layer for ALL text on the cards, borders, separation lines... you name it. It's organized in layer groups so it shouldn't be too confusing. Just delete the layers you don't need and duplicate the layers you need more of.

NOTE: As for the types (you know, the little circles on the cards?) ... in the center of the image, I have the different type circles pasted EACH AS THEIR OWN LAYER. All you need to do is duplicate whichever you need and move it to the proper placement on the card :) (which would be where ever the royal blue circles are).

YOU MAY EDIT WHATEVER I HAVE PUT IN THIS FILE. This is a TEMPLATE meant to make life easier for everyone :) It is meant to be customizable. So, you are free to edit to your little heart's desire. Credit is not necessary. However, I would really appreciate you not claiming this as your own work. I mean, yes of course the finished product is your work and feel free to label it as such. But please don't claim credit for creating this template.

OH YES ALSO, I created EVERYTHING myself, by hand... except for the font, which is Gill Sans MT, and for the type images. Those are from scans of actual Pokemon Cards and in no way do I own those images nor do I claim rights to them.
Waxwhiskers Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Praise the lord
Waxwhiskers Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
more like praise you though
LethalMoose Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for this! Great quality too.
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